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Serving Traditional and Modern Delights Since 1966

Washington D.C.'s Finest Bakery

Watergate Pastry began as a small pastry shoppe over 55 years ago in the historic Watergate Complex. Today it has blossomed into D.C.’s most popular bakery featuring delectable delights that will bring you back to your childhood in one bite. Traditional French pastries are our hallmark, but we do more than just what’s in our name. Our talented chefs are always developing new and imaginative ways to present their visions of what an amazing dessert experience should be. They can create the most exquisite custom wedding cakes in just a week’s time.  With generations of happy customers, the Watergate Pastry name is renowned throughout the D.C. metropolitan area.  We look forward to baking your dreams come true. 

Building upon old traditions with French-inspired pastries and delectable cakes.

For Over 55 Years

Our specialty wedding cakes are sure to wow both your eyes and your taste buds on your special day. We can have your cake ready within one week.


2534 Virginia Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20037
United States

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